Thursday, April 09, 2009

We fit right in

With the animals, that is. Jack, Caroline, and I headed out to the zoo this morning. It was looking a bit bleak on the way as we were doused on our drive. Thankfully, the rain cleared up just as we were entering downtown and it was smooth sailing from there. It was a bit crowded with all the post-TAKS test field trips happening but we had a great time. We rode the train twice, enjoyed a nice picnic lunch, and saw all the animals we could before we headed home for nap. I'm telling ya, our zoo memberships have proved invaluable! So glad we can go whenever we want!
Riding in style!Jack, climbing the glass to see the penguins. He was SO excited!Munchkin's about to hop over the fence to see the giraffes and turtles.

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