Tuesday, February 26, 2013


noun \ˈhōm\ - Any place of residence or refuge

In my life I've called many places home.  My first home was with loving foster parents before I was adopted.  Then the Lord blessed me with my parents and their definition of home was more about WHO you were with than WHERE you were.  We lived in quite a few places, though as I look back, it really wasn't as many as it seemed growing up.  And I think my mom's view on "home" is still evolving.  She jokingly refers to herself as a gypsy, which rings pretty true.

Through most of my teen years I called Aledo my home.  It's where I met and fell (madly) for Jason.  It's where we both grew up - him moreso than me.  It's where my mom's family is from.  It's where Jason's parents still live (well, one town over but still).  It holds lots of memories, both good and bad.  We have history there.  We have family there.  And now, we're making our home there.

Sure, we still LOVE Pantego and the Arlington area.  We've spent nearly the last ten years here.  We have deep roots.  We have amazing friends.  We have a church that has helped shape us both spiritually into the people we are today.  We became parents here.  Our children only remember this place.  Emmalyn was born here.  It is special.  But, we've been led to move on.

There's a lot of backstory that led us to where we are and I'm sure I'll share it at some point.  But now, I just want to reflect on what home is.  Residence?  Yes.  Refuge?  Absolutely.

And this home, and the next... are not truly our homes.  We're merely passing through.

These are my people.  My home.  Behind them is where our new home will stand in just months!
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Jenny said...

Beautiful post! Congrats on the new home. Building is so fun!

Annie said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting!