Monday, July 30, 2007


I came home from my childbirth/doula training yesterday evening to a very sick little boy. Jason said he just hadn't been himself yesterday and had just taken his temp and it was 102+. Usually when Little Man gets a fever he's still happy and playing but not this time. He just laid on my chest and whimpered, not at all interested in playing or even being out of my arms. It just broke my heart. We, of course, gave the regular course of tylenol/lukewarm bath/ibuprofen and then put Jack to bed. He woke around 11 and his fever was still up so we gave him some more meds and I rocked him and sang to him a bit before putting him back down. He did pretty well and slept through the night but when he woke up this morning his fever was 105!! We immediately gave more tylenol and put Jack in the bath to cool him down. I'm happy to report all is well and we are hovering around 100 now but gosh was that scary! Hopefully Jack's feeling better soon! Fevers are no fun!

UPDATE: Jack is all better! He's back to his old happy, active self this lovely Tuesday morning!

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