Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rainy day fun!

So, with all this rain we've been getting Jack's been going a bit stir crazy. Poor guy will just stare out the back door and reach for the handle just itching to get out and play in the yard. Sooo, we decided to have a little fun in the living room! We built a fort (that stayed up for about 2 minutes) and Jack LOVED it! He got such a kick out of hiding in it - till he tore it down and decided he'd rather just play with the blanket instead. We had a carpet picnic and threw all the blankets and pillows we could find on the living room floor. We lounged, we bounced on the cushions, we sporadically watched a little of Finding Nemo. We had so much fun and Jack completely wore himself out.

The Fort - afterJust layin' around

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