Thursday, March 13, 2008

23 months old!

Jack turned 23 months old on Saturday... this is the last monthly post I'll be doing. I figure, he'll be 2 next month and it's time for me to stop counting months. Right? This past month his language has really exploded and he's talking ALL THE TIME now. The other morning he woke up and Jason went to get him and he pointed out all the colors he saw on the way into our room - BLUE! (the curtains), YELLOW! (on his pajamas), RED! (the quilt on our bed). It's so fun to hear him talk and hear the new words he says every day. In addition to talking, he loves to bounce the ball, any ball. He could bounce, roll, throw, and kick balls all day long - believe me, we've done it. I'm amazed at how clean the playroom can stay because he's so immersed in playing ball that he doesn't even touch any of his other toys. He's such a boy!

He decided all the Diet Dr. Peppers needed to be stacked on the desk. Notice that he also has a pen in his hand - another big no-no.

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