Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snap, crackle, pop!

My Little Man broke his first bone yesterday. Jack fell about 6 feet off a slide/play structure at the park yesterday and landed on his left side and shoulder. He cried and cried so I put him in the stroller and walked him back home. When we got home he was still crying (after about a 10 minute walk) and touching his left shoulder. I took off his shirt and felt along his collarbones and noticed a definite deformity on the left side - broken. So, I called Jason, Gigi, Yaya, and my good friend Erin to let everyone know what was happening. Then I packed up the kids and headed to Cook Children's ER after swinging by Erin's to pick her up (I needed the help and she was wonderful. Thanks Erin!)

When we got to the hospital we went straight back to triage and Jack was such a brave boy. He cried when we first walked back - I'm sure all the machines were a bit scary - and he didn't like having his blood pressure or pulse ox taken. He did like all the stickers he got, though. They also gave him a sling to wear with dinosaurs on it but since it's such a small sling, there's no complete picture of a dinosaur. Just dinosaur butts. Nice, huh?

When we got back in the waiting room, Jason had just gotten there and Gigi was coming in from parking my car for me. Jack and Daddy just walked around the waiting area (which was JAM PACKED, I might add) and played with the "aquarium" - there were lots of buttons for Jack to press so he was super excited about that. After a while my mom arrived and took Caroline home and put her to bed for me so I could focus on little Jack.

We went back and had Jack x-rayed - he didn't like that either but was very brave. After the fracture was confirmed (I knew all along, duh!) they put the sling on again and wrapped Jack's upper arm to his body with an ace bandage. He did not and does not like that AT ALL. We were then released and able to go home after being there for just under 3 hours! I was amazed at how quickly we were in and out.

Jack actually slept really well last night and is doing pretty well today. We're staying on top of his pain with Motrin and keeping his arm immobilized (trying, at least). He's actually wanting to use his arm and sometimes forgets that he is hurt. He'll put a little weight on it and then cry but settles pretty quickly. He's supposed to wear the sling/bandage combo for the next 2 weeks but we were told "good luck" by the folks in the ER regarding that. I just don't see how he'll tolerate it for that long. Although, he is getting more used to it now.

God was really watching over him when he fell. It was such a nasty, scary fall and things could've turned out much worse. I'm sure this is the first of many ER visits with my little boy. Poor guy. He was just trying to have fun and this is what he gets.


Crissy and Kevin said...

I'm glad he's alright, its such a blessing he didn't land on his head! Let us know if you need an extra pair of hands around!

Nicole said...

Poor little guy! I'm glad he is okay though!