Thursday, March 13, 2008

A day of firsts...

Sunday was a big day for Jack and Caroline. Jack "finally" got to ride in the car forward facing. I'm a huge proponent of car seat safety and believe that a child should ride rear facing until the limits of the seat. Jack's car seat has a rear facing limit of 33 lbs and I planned to keep him facing the back till we got to that weight. Well, Jack now weighs just a hair over 30 lbs naked - with clothes and shoes we were right on the line so we decided to turn him around. It was like a whole new world. As soon as I put him in his seat he said "WOAH!" and then pointed at the dash and shouted, "BUTTON, BUTTON!" (he loves to push buttons).

Sunday was also Caroline's first day to go the church nursery. I've been taking her to church with me since she was just over a week old but I'd wear her in the sling instead of leaving her in the nursery. At 2 months old, we decided that she was ready to go spend some time with her little baby friends and I could get a bit of a "break" (even though my break consists of taking care of other kiddos at church). She did great! Jason even got a picture of her snoozing away in the crib.

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