Monday, January 03, 2011

MBD Christmas, year 6

Every year, Jason's firm has an annual holiday party. It's a good excuse to get a sitter (Yaya), a new dress, and enjoy a night out. This year was our 6th (and last, more on that in a later blog) and we were glad to be able to be at an event at as a couple. Now, for fun, a trip down memory lane!

Year One:
I don't have a photo for this one. I was pregnant with Jack so we didn't have anyone at our house to take our requisite photo. Jason wasn't actually working at Middleton, Burns & Davis yet. He had been hired but wouldn't begin work till after his graduation six months later. The party was at the Omni Mandalay in Las Colinas.

Year Two:
Post-Jack, pre-Caroline. Not my favorite haircut, dress, or eye make-up. We look SO YOUNG! The party was at The Four Seasons.Year Three:
I was pregnant with Caroline in a MAJOR way! This was probably my favorite year. The party was at The Old Warsaw in a room lined with portraits of topless women. That definitely made for some INTERESTING dinner conversation.Year Four:
Hmmmm. Interesting fashion choice on my part. Ah well, live and learn. The party this year was at Lawry's the Prime Rib. The highlight of the night were the live carolers meandering through the restaurant.
Year Five:
My FAVORITE photo of the bunch! Cause I was skinny! I'm totally going to stare at this picture for motivation to make healthy choices. Party at Lawry's again. Yes, again.
Year Six:
All dressed up again! The party was at the Las Colinas Country Club this year. Looking back it's a little bittersweet being that it was our last MBD Holiday party. On to a new chapter!

Caroline and Yaya wanted in on the picture-taking action!

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