Monday, January 03, 2011

Party time!

On the last day of school before the Christmas break, Jack's class enjoyed their super-fun Christmas party. I didn't get a ton of pictures. I was awfully busy having fun myself! There was a bit of excitement though. One of Jack's friends, Allison, had somehow dislocated her elbow at the beginning of the party (or just before, I'm not sure). Her mom was on the phone with the pediatrician when I heard what had happened. Since I've got some experience with that I offered my help. I was able to reset her elbow and she felt better almost immediately. Supermom to the rescue! Now, on with the par-tay!

Jack with Maddie and Meredith and Nia
Excited to eat his handiwork!Craft time!
Note: I am not neglecting Caroline by not reporting on her party. The two-year-old classes do have Christmas parties but the parents aren't invited to attend. Too many kiddos get upset about not going home afterward or will cling to their parents instead of participating. I highly doubt my kid would do that but she's not "most kids".

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