Monday, January 03, 2011

We need a little (more) Christmas!

After the big clean-up at the house, the kids were able to come home around dinnertime the day after Christmas. Jason and I had planned to have our "at home" Christmas with them that night but they were way. too. tired! Jack barely made it through dinner without falling asleep. So, Christmas would have to be postponed till Monday evening. After Jason got home from work that day it was on to the third, and final, Christmas celebration!

Last tree standing. I packed up my big Christmas tree and decorations on Christmas night. Thankfully, we decided to put this little tree up in the playroom (the first time we've done a tree in there) and decorated it with kid-friendly and kid-crafted ornaments. It was really special and really great to have a tree to put presents around that wasn't completely covered in dust!Before...
... and there's no after shot. Our camera battery died and all our backups were dead after days of snapping photos. Just imagine a huge paper pile and boxes everywhere with elated kids ripping open their new toys.

You know, what happens on Christmas morning everywhere!

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