Monday, January 03, 2011

Santa didn't care

that we weren't home on Christmas Eve. He didn't care that we didn't have a Christmas tree at Yaya's house. He came anyway!

Before. Notice Santa just about finished his cookie. Well, my mom's dog Gabby finished it for him on Christmas morning!Unwrapping is underway!Yaya had special ornaments made for Caroline...
... and for Jack. Also, notice the t-shirt quilt she made for me in the background!
We had a great morning opening gifts at my mom's and enjoyed a fantastic breakfast of bacon, eggs, and homemade cinnamon rolls. The kids were in heaven! Thankfully, in the midst of all the house and plumbing craziness, I was able to get all my Christmas food prepped at mom's and ready to take to Jason's parents for the big meal later in the day.

We piled in the car and made the trek to Willow Park from Mountain Springs around mid-morning on Christmas.

Once we got there, Christmas exploded everywhere! The kids (and grown-ups, too) had a great time opening gifts. We had a delicious meal and a bit of relaxation time before we all had to get moving again. My mom took the kids back to her house for the night and Jason and headed home to get busy on the house. Even though I didn't plan for Christmas to turn out the way it did, it was wonderful in just about every way. Just about.

Caroline LOVES this puppy Uncle Ross gave her. She named it Fluffy (after one of mom's dogs) and has taken to sleeping with it. Fluffy's even known to give kisses to the rest of the family!Jack and his new guitar. Notice C's Vanna White move here. She also got a guitarAnother one bites the dust.Gigi and Pappaw got the kids a two-seater Power Wheel. Here's the reveal shot!And the action shot!

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