Thursday, September 16, 2010

Certifiable Sunday

Sunday was all around crazy. Seriously, I'm surprised Jason and I, along with the kids, made it through that day alive. Jack put on his rotten attitude as soon as he got up that morning. Lots of yelling and ugly noises meant quite a few time-outs before church. After church, the attitude continued and the volatile atmosphere in the house was exacerbated by the facts that my back was killing me (grrr) and Caroline was not at all in a mood to take a nap. Top that off with the insurance company deciding to deduct an extra chunk of money from our account for a premium (which was unexpected and NOT at all planned for - double grr) and we were all on edge.

I had to get out.

So, I turned on the TV in the bedroom so Jack and Caroline could watch a movie and Jason could decompress with a little football in the living room. I had to head to the store since we needed, you know, food. And I needed, you know, peace. That's not how it turned out. I was nearly to the store and Jason calls me.

"Caroline's dislocated her elbow again. How do I fix it?"

Fantastic. I tell him what to do while I hear Caroline and her blood-curdling scream and Jack crying in the background. NOT peaceful. At. All.

Aparrently, Jack was trying to help his sister back up on the bed and pulled her arm a little to hard. He felt awful. Poor guy.

Well, I headed back home to make sure all was okay. It was, of course. Jason fixed the elbow like SuperDad and I swooped in with hugs and kisses and cuddles and everything was all right. And then Caroline came with me to the store. So much for alone time.

Really, that was the bulk of the craziness of that day. The afternoon was much better and we all slept well that night. The end.

Finally. Peace.

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