Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hello Hermine

Well, Tropical Storm Hermine made her entrance yesterday afternoon and hasn't completely made her exit yet. We've gotten, oh, I don't know, one thousand inches of rain in the past 24 hours. Seriously, this morning I remember thinking to myself, so THIS is what Noah saw just before the ark floated away. The rain. It. Was. Crazy. Sheets and sheets and sheets of it. Our enormous elm tree in the back yard nearly had it's boughs touching the ground. If I would've let Jack outside in the downpour he'd have been able to grab hold of the lowest branch and swing from it with very little effort.

I probably should've let him do it.

When I woke up today and realized it was still raining, and had been all night, I decided staying home all day would be in our best interests. And I suppose, in regards to safety, it was. However, in regards to sanity... not so much. The kids are stir crazy and there's only so much coloring and watching Nick Jr. shows on Netflix a child can do before they decide that the best way to expend their excess energy is to use their mother as a jungle gym. Fun... for them.

Anyway, I decided that with all the grayness and wetness outside that I needed to do a little crafting to lift my spirits. I made some really cute throw pillows ifIdosaysomyself. After adding Caroline's new bed and bedding I really didn't want to have to replace her window treatment. I decided that pillows would be my answer... a tie-in, if you will. They turned out great and I'm sure I've just created a new craft obsession. I'm the kind of gal that gets hooked on doing one thing and it's all I can do for a matter of weeks or months until I move on to something else. Case in point... first it was tutus, then pillowcases, then applique, then hair bows, etc. But, I digress. How about some photos?

The pillows. I love them.How we keep ourselves entertained during a tropical storm.He's trying to squeeze her guts out. At least they love each other!
And if you care to see what havoc Hermine has wrecked here in the area, check THIS out.

*EDIT: A couple hours after this post there were tornadoes in DALLAS! Scary stuff. There were a couple just a hop, skip and jump from Jason's office. Praise the Lord he's okay.

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Dianne said...

Love your pillows! Too cute ;)