Saturday, September 04, 2010

Another first day...

For several weeks now (all summer long) Caroline's been gearing up for the first day of school. At the end of this past school year she'd ask on a regular basis when it would be time for her to school. Needless to say, when Thursday rolled around the kids first day back went off without a hitch. Caroline was SO excited to meet her teachers, Mrs. Erica and Mrs. Nelda. Actually, she already knew them as they were Jack's teachers two years ago and she had Mrs. Erica as her Sunday school teacher last year, but still. Jack was super excited to see his friends from his class last year. At the kids school they tend to keep the kids in the same class for the most part as they move up each year so there were lots of reunions on the first day back. They both didn't have much to say after school about how their day went. I think they were just so exhausted after all the excitement that they wanted to keep quiet about it. I have two full days each week to myself which is GLORIOUS and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store. I cannot believe this time next year my little Jack will be in KINDERGARTEN! Time flies!

Back to the world of backpacks and napmats!
On her way in!
Waiting in line to go into Jack's room.

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Ann said...

It is crazy how much Jack has grown just over the summer. I looked at your "last day of school" post compared to the "first day" post and WOW!!