Thursday, August 21, 2008

Colorado - Day 3

On the third day of our vacation, we enjoyed breakfast together and then headed out to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The kiddos snoozed on the way there and were in great moods, thank goodness! We had a picnic, after hunting and hunting for a parking spot, and then headed over to the dunes. There were TONS of people there. We didn't take into account that it was Sunday and the dunes are as close to a beach as you get in Colorado. There were big groups, birthday parties, family reunions - it was a little crazy! It was also muddy. So much so that Erin and I decided to hang back on the "sidelines" with Caroline (who was asleep in the Ergo) while Jason and Terry took Jack and Selah to play in the sand and water. The kids (and dads) had so much fun!
Jack and Daddy making eggs for everybody.
Caught! Sitting where they shouldn't be...
Sweet Caroline in her jump-jumpJust waking upBIG yawn!Sleepy face...
Selah and the hat... again.Jack playing in the tree at picnic timeMama and Caroline at our picnic spot
Jack, the photographer. He got about 12 pics before we realized what was happening!JUMP!
Jack's over there!Let them fight! It makes for good pictures!Splish splash!Running through the muck!
Mud between his toesRunning with DaddyMy boys!
Cleaning up... he had sand EVERYWHERE!The mountains beyond the dunes... beautiful!

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