Friday, August 22, 2008

Colorado - Day 8

Erin and I decided we needed a girls day, away from the craziness of the 3 kids. We headed out to do some souvenir shopping, stopping first in little Cuchara. There were some cute things and even more not so cute things. We discovered the world's most jam-packed-with-junk gift shop and possibly the world's only mini-golf/gift shop/health food store... interesting. On to Walsenburg we went. We stopped in a couple of shops there, quickly deciding we weren't going to find what we were looking for. We headed down the highway to a little barbecue joint that was pretty good, although the service could have been a bit quicker. It was a blessing, I guess, for us to be still, in one place for a while. No one to chase... no one to get a fork for, or cut food, or pick up a dropped cup, or keep entertained while trying to get them to please, PLEASE just eat ONE BITE of your lunch. Needless to say, we enjoyed our lunch. We then headed back to La Veta and hit up the shops there. We didn't find much but were often too caught up in conversation to be bothered with the things we were hunting in the first place. Erin was nearly attacked (OK, not really) by a parrot in a little Guatemalan gift shop. It kept whistling and saying "hello" and was just staring her down... kinda creepy! Finally, we went BACK to Cuchara where we found what we needed after all. Whew! As far as the kids and dads go, we have no idea what went on back at the cabin. We know everyone survived and we got a break... very nice! note: very few pictures were taken this day. Most were already posted in my Colorado Preview post a while back.

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