Thursday, August 21, 2008

Colorado - Day 6

We made the trek north to Colorado Springs. We had big plans to head to the Air Force Academy, Garden of the Gods, Focus on the Family, and anything else we could squeeze into one day. Well, toddlers frequently rewrite plans! We got a bit of a late start, which is typical. We got to our first destination, The Garden of the Gods, around lunchtime. We were starving so we picnicked at the visitor center and shopped in the gift shop before making our drive through the park. We had totally planned to drive to a trailhead and walk a bit but Jack threw a fit when we were getting back in the car and then completely conked out for a nap so, in the car we stayed! We drove around, took pictures and then decided to head over to Focus on the Family. They have an entire floor of their headquarters/visitor center dedicated to kids and the kids needed some time to play. Well we stayed there quite a while and never did make it to the Air Force Academy. The kids (and big kids) had a blast though and we were all ready to have dinner and call it a day. We made our pitstop at Red Robin and then Erin and I needed to run into Walmart (of course). As we were leaving town, Caroline began screaming; she had been too distracted throughout the day to nurse very well and was starving! We had to stop for her to nurse and then were headed out of town. Jack and Selah enjoyed a new Veggie Tales video we picked up at the FOTF bookstore (until they kept kicking the DVD player and we had to take it away) and we sang songs until they decided they were ready to sleep. Lesson learned... don't plan too much when you're carting 3 kids along!
Jack and Selah, coloring in the morning.
Pretty pictures!
Rock formations at The Garden of the Gods
Playing at Focus on the Family

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